Industries build for future generations 

"The industry needs to reduce energy usages, increase effectiveness and be more customer focused than ever. We need smart factories with a high degree of autonumiouse operation.

Data, key to success..

​In addition to a functional specification, before a control system is implemented, we draw up an information requirements specification together with stakeholders. In this way we ensure that a system not only functions but also that improvements and (failure) behavior can be identified better and faster.


Focus on Critical Assets

Not all assets that fail will lead to line break or non divertible disasters for your production or machine. TAP criticallity scan, provides quick insight into asset dependencies and criticallity. Identifiyng critical assets has major benefits: 

  • ​ Reduce maintenance costs
  • Lower spare stock safety levels
  • Effectively focus on break prevention and mitigation
​ Example use cases

Packaging line

Typical end of the production process directly determines the capacity. To prevent bottleneck problems parallel processing was introduced, increasing overall capacity and ensuring availabillity.

Processing line

​ Organically grown production processes often show intertwined piping, machines that are cramped together. Maintainability, safety and operability often pay the price for that. Untangling the mess..

Ganthery movement

Moving equipment comes with vibration and vibration comes with wear and breakdowns. (re) Design with wear causes in mind.. ​

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Automate / Cobotize

Divert repetitive work from human workforce to cobots.

  • Avarage 1 Year ROI @ 60% utilization
  • Increase production continuity / quality
  • Reduce resource demand
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Quality first

​We pay constant attention to the quality of our work processes. ISO 9001 forms the basis of how we organise our projects and other operations. We also run our own quality assurance (QA) programmes. If required, we can work according to the quality systems of our clients..

Safety always

​To ensure our compliance with the latest safety, health and safety at work, and environmental standards, we use the VCA** system Our safety accreditations are also complemented by our commitment to the NEN-4400-1 standard.