Data driven maintenance & Operations

​"Information is key to improving performance, 
reducing downtime and expanding asset live time."



OpenICM - Realtime dashboard / SCADA for maintenance includes innovative tools to monitor degradation and schedule maintenance based on realtime data and wear predictions.

The package is available in a number of difference versions to perfectly accomodate your needs. OpenICM can be cost effectively scaled for both small and large scale maintenance organisations.  

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Maintenance software redefined !

Traditional manaintenance management software is preventive maintenance oriented, build to generate tasks for mechanics and electricians. OpenICM is all about SMART performance, predictive maintenance, utilizing technology to gain insides into your asset. Provides intelligence to plan and perform maintenance efficiently and against lowest possible cost.

Properties & Functions

  • ​Innovative configuration interface 
  • Comprehensive library industry grade typicals & faceplates
  • Intelligent tools for graphical configuration and mass data handling
  • SMART adaptive & predictive maintenance planning
  • Historical simulation / backtracking...
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  • ​Reduce planned preventive maintenance
  • Increase predictive and reactive maintenance
  • Gain insights into asset performance trends and behaviours
  • Reduce overall resource requirements
  • Reduce spare stocking costs
  • Prevent production stops
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​Cyber Security 

​ALL our SMART Performance hardware and software comply to the highest possible data integrity and security standards (i.e. IEC 62443).

  • ​Encoded network communications (SSL/TSL)
  • User/Group two factor authentication
  • Managed routing on all devices
  • Data integrity and retention logic on edge nodes
  • Time synced and stamped communication
  • Zones and group limits
  • Security and system integrity by design
  • Component traceability / trusted sources
  • Certified partners & their technology

Handle planning complexity

​Good maintenance planning that optimally takes into account production needs, knowledge and skills of mechanics, the life cycle of assets is a very complex puzzle to put together. 

OpenICM AI calculates all possibilities and suggests the most ideal balance even in changing situations.

Technology serving Humans

​People are the most valuable part of any business. OpenICM makes it possible to focus on people and support them as best as possible in their tasks and well-being.

Information can be presented in a variety of ways both graphically and in spoken word.

Our technology provides insight in a way that people can understand and in a way that focuses on what is important. In doing so, we avoid information overload.

OpenICM monitors and instructs to prevent people from working too long, too hard and too monotonously.

Collect, Combine, Visualize and Distribute.. 

Easy connect with EDGE devices, retrieve data from all sorts of devices, protocols and networks.

Process your data and make available graphically as streaming data or in database format.

Define actions, triggers and alarms. Stay a head of any undesired situation...

Assets Lifecycle Management

Your company is not only judged by what you deliver but also how you produce it and how you take responsibillity towards society and the environment.

OpenICM helps you to keep track of your assets in all stages of their existance.

Make sure assets are not dismissed based on defects but are repurposed or reused.

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​A good foundation for all digital ambitions

​You don't know what technological developments you can begin to take advantage of. But a good structured automation and information structure offers many advantages.

From OpenICM you can easily generate code and visualizations for mobile applications, process/machine controls and augmented reality.

Pricing Plans

Connect IIoT EDGE devices and PLC's without the hassle of software installation via our SaaS solution or have OpenICM running on one of your servers. Users will access via a standard webbrowser on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.





  • Unlimited Tags
  • Ticket Support
  • 8 Hours runtime (RT)
  • DB Import (Tags/Alarms)
  • 1 Million datalog points
  • All IIoT, PLC connections
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Machine builder

  • 500 Connected devices
  • 4 Clients
  • FREE Templates
  • 4 Tb data storage
  • All IIoT, PLC connections
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Manufacturing plant

  • 8000 Connected devices
  • 20 Clients
  • PREMIUM Templates
  • 20 Tb data storage
  • All IIoT, PLC connections
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Integrated plants

  • ​8000 Connected devices
  • 20 Clients
  • PREMIUM Templates
  • 20 Tb data storage
  • All IIoT, PLC connections
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