Monitor pumps, motors, bearings and all rotating equipment to detect degradation

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Measure object distance, rotation angle, state and temperature...

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High speed, high volume datalogging of both wired and wireless measurements.

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Context is everything.. measure vibration, temperature, current and wear simultaniously.

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Gain information from a wide variety of installed PLC and PC systems.

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Gain more than only a process parameter but see trends and exceptions.

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Smart sensor technology

The difference between data and information. 


​Semi SMART EDGE device with bus output RS485, timestamped and IEC62443 encoded. Data output; primary measurement depending on type, interval, average, running average, RMS, 3-point linear regression, points of interest, degradation index, self-diagnostics report. Integrated dashboarding for local readout and configuration. Advanced diagnostics. Battery powered.

  • ​Temperature 
  • HD Vibration 
  • LD Vibration 
  • Inductive sensor 
  • Hall effect sensor 
  • Infrared distance 
  • Infrared lock 
  • Infrared temperature 
  • High speed inductive  
 What is a state sensor

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installation instructions
  • QLINE installation & configuration
  • SLINE & TLINE installation & configuration
  • BLINE integrators manual
  • PLINE installation & configuration
  • Reading data from QLINE, RLINE & SLINE EDGE nodes
  • Maiintaining nodes
  • Declaration of conformity (CE marking)
  • Datasheet
  • UL Certificate
  • RoHS compliance declaration

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My application is critical because when I don't detect degradation or failure, bad things happen, someone could get hurt, de machine will break or other seriouse consequences will happen.
What kind of function do you need?
What kind of function do you need?
What is your primary point of interest.

State sensors

Devices that output a discrete value 0/1 indicating a predefined state of a machine (part) of process.

Typical examples are: a motor is running/idle; a door is open/close; the temperature is above/below a set temperature.