"Intelligent Devices are key to a sustainable, effective and human centric operation"

Eveliene Langedijk MSc.
Director / Co-Owner

​Operational excellence

Efficiency improvement starts at the capillaries of your organization. A seemingly insignificant temperature gauge can save millions in energy. Translating asset condition data into effective and continuous improvement of your operational and maintenance organization is central to our total program of products and services.

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​Data-driven maintenance

A new generation sensors, dataloggers, asset monitoring devices and data communication devices that help record and predict asset performance.

We supply fully digital, AI/ML powered devices that integrate seemlessly into your existing eco system.

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​Advanced asset management

From business-case upto implementation

We offer engineering, management & advice that will leverage your performance and will bring your organisation to a higher level.

Industry 4.0 / 5.0 solutions

Making the step into the digital era can feel like a giant leap. But keeping up with competition is nessecary. Digitisation is inevitable. We can guide the way to an effective transition.

  • Incorporate Cobots into discrete production processes
  • Digitize your workspace
  • Connect to suppliers and clients
  • Make use of 3D printing
  • Digital information system for maintenance engineers
  • Work with AR and Digitaltwins
Industrial Automation

​Future prove your systems starts with IT/OT automation design and engineering. New technologies and requirements require a modern and secure IT/OT infratructure and tools that inforce opertabillity, maintainabillity and continouise process improvement. We build for now and the future..

Maintenance performance

"Your don't have to be te best, but you can always do better"

We are dedicated to your success and can support your business:

  • Training
  • Handson guidance onsite
  • Benchmarking and consultancy
Greenfield / Brownfield engineering

One stop shop engineering & management for your new build or modification. We have everything inhouse to facilitate from concept upto execution.

  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical
  • Site coordination, Project management
  • Building / construction works
  • Document control
  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • QHSE / certification
AI/ML Modeling

​Machine Learning has been around for a while, but how are you going to take advantage of this technology?

TAP supplies a brought range of ML rich sensor and data analyses hardware and software that will help you to leverage the power of AI.

Reach out to our ML experts, they can help you:

  • Training
  • Hands-on support
  • Modeling
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Asset inventory recording / FMECA

Nobody whants trouble, small or large. Sometimes it helps to have an exteranal party to facilitate failure mode sessions or have a critical look at your systems and processes. We offer handson onsite support and management consulatnacy to have a critical look @ safety and reliabillity.

"We achief beautifull things because we do it together, our team, our customers and our contractors. 

Ronald Kok MSc.
Director / Co-Owner

Siemens,Oosterberg, TAP Group

The adaptation of intelligent EDGE devices that not only execute operation tasks but also help mechanics and electricians to prevent and analyze machine failures is growing rapidly. Today Siemens (supplier of automation hardware), Oosterberg (distributor ...

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SPS Nuremberg 2023

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